Bloom’s Tight Abs Set His Instagram On Fire

Orlando Bloom set his Instagram on fire this weekend after posting a shirtless thirst trap
Orlando Bloom (image via Depositphotos)

Orlando Bloom set his Instagram on fire this weekend after he posted a shirtless video showing off his tight 6-pack abs while putting his daughter’s nursery together.

In one photo, the 44-year-old dad can be seen putting daisies on a bright yellow wall. Swiping left, Bloom’s 5.4 million followers were treated to a 15 second video recorded by his fiancée Katy Perry as he’s diligently working to assemble a rainbow-colored toy.


“Dad of the year,” proclaims Perry as the Pirates of the Caribbean star searches for a part. Bloom (and his taut abs) turns to the camera laughing, “Stars – they’re just like us!”

Nearly 600K fans reacted to the short clip including celebs like American poet Amanda Gorman and UK comedian/vlogger Arron Crascall.


The comments ranged from “DADDY!’ to “I love a good DILF” to “This is the sexiest thing ever.”

But perhaps the thirstiest response came from one fan who goes by the handle ‘platinumtwink’ who asked, “Can you paint my walls?” 

We’re pretty sure there was a double-entendre thrown in there…

In addition to sharing the occasional shirtless post on social media, Bloom also participates in other humanitarian efforts like Unicef’s COVID-19 vaccine efforts and Ocean Conservancy’s trash-free campaign.


Perusing his Instagram, the actor doesn’t seem to age – even as he sets new dad bod goals.


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