Breasts Or Wieners? Hooters Or Tallywackers? New Eatery Coming Soon To Dallas.

I've walked into a Hooters, once, in New Orleans, and then walked out.  I'm not a wing man or a breast man. People have said Hooters' wings are great, but since I don't care for the food or the gimmick, I didn't want to waste my time.  There were 2 – 4 – 1 drink specials at half price next door, which sounded so much better than watching women bouncing around a restaurant in tight shirts.

Some people have said the same thing about Dallas, Texas, a waste of my time.  The recommendation has always been go to Austin.  It's a more accepting city and a better time than any other place in Texas.  I've been to Austin twice, but something is coming to Dallas that may make that Southwest Jet land somewhere else.

Being compared to a Hooters for women (and gay men), creative entrepreneurs are looking to open a bar / restaurant / entertainment spot just north of downtown Dallas in the Oak Lawn part of town.  According to their craigslist ad, interviews for employees at the new business called Tallywackers took place this weekend.

Dallas' Newest and most exciting place to be is now hiring for all positions! Bartenders, Servers, Cooks, Bus Boys and Hosts welcome to apply! – Craigslist

If you go to Tallywackers' website,, all it says is coming soon. So is this real?  Is it just a fun little gimmick?  People over at are covering it like it's the real thing.  The male staffed venue will be competing with 14 Hooters restaurants for customers, but we feel it may be like comparing apples to, um, things that are not round and dangling from a branch.

What will they serve?  Who cares?  From the picture, it looks like men will be serving wieners in their aprons.  Wait.  That's wrong.  Shirtless men wearing aprons will be serving wieners.  I guess we will have to wait and see when more information is available. 

Friends and I recently went to the Tilted Kilt in downtown Fort Lauderdale where the entire staff wears kilts.  The food was actually pretty good and I will go back for that alone.  But someone had the smarts to hire a hot male ginger bartender and yes, the men wear kilts, too.  FYI, sit at the main bar for that's where the boys mainly work. We will return.

Will Tallywackers get a lot of gay traffic? It all depends on their hours and how good the food is.  Ok, it depends on their hours.  Tallywackers appears to be taking over the space that was Lolita's Mexican Restaurant, 4 or 5 blocks north of Dallas gay bars like the Round-Up Saloon, Dallas Woody's, Havana, JR's Bar & Grille Inc., and Station 4. 

Will the boys walk a handful of blocks for a good wiener? It's a question we don't really have to ask.

No, a new restaurant will not draw me to Dallas.  I will go soon, maybe next year for the Purple Party, or some other weekend to decide on my own, which city in Texas may be the right one for me.  And if Tallywackers is still operational, I'll stop in for a peek and a wiener or whatever they're serving.


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