Britney Spears Puts on a Fake British Accent During London Show

Britney Spears' time overseas in England during her Piece of Me tour has been quite confusing, for lack of the better word.


Earlier this month, she actually forgot what area she was in while on stage. It happened to be Brighton, where the "Toxic" singer was performing during their annual Pride weekend. 

She was back in England on Friday night at the 02 Arena in London (where she'll be for the next two days), where Britney actually spoke in a fake British accent while on stage.

A fan video caught Britney going from hometown Louisiana gal to full-blown Spice Girl in a matter of seconds when she started talking to her audience during the performance (see the clip here). 

"Are you guys ready? Do you think you can do this?" she asked them in her fake British accent when trying to figure out which side of the crowd was louder. "One, two, three!" 


The fakery continued, when she said to the other side, "What the hell is wrong with you? You've got to do better than that. Let's try it again." Is she channeling Madonna from yesteryear?

This isn't the first time that Britney has been caught speaking in a fake British accent. She used to do it to the paparazzi back in 2007 and 2008 following her nights out in Los Angeles. This was during the time when she was going through major turmoil that preceded her mental health crisis. That eventually led to her father Jamie Spears obtaining a conservatorship over her, which remains in tact to this day.

Fans from the clip were left confused and amused by her accent, saying things like "Britishney is back" and "Why is she talking like Adele?"

She only has one other country stop on her tour before heading back to the states: Paris, France. Will she all of a sudden turn into a Parisian girl on August 28th and 29th? Only time will tell. 


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