Bruno Alcantara – 10 Hot Photos of ‘Drag Race’s Newest Pit Crew Member

Credit: Bruno Alcantara Instagram

One of the perks of watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, outside of the fabulous queens, host, judges, challenges and more, is the absolutely gorgeous pit crew members that appear looking absolutely scrumptious in each episode. 

A newer addition to this already stacked list is the stunning Bruno Alcantara who made his debut during season 11 in 2019. He’s back again this time around with long-running pit crew member Jason Carter (who has been part of the show since season 3, hunties) to make our mouths water each and every time he enters the legendary werk room.

Bruno, who boasts an impressive Instagram following of almost 40,000 people already, appears to be a jack of all trades outside of his time on the Emmy-winning reality competition series. His IG profile lists him as also being a life coach, massage therapist, and event producer. He also looks to have quite the taste in fashion based on all the colorfully wonderful outfits he shows off on social media. 

Oh and to reiterate… he’s beautiful. Like the kind of beauty you have to scratch your head at because you can’t actually believe its real. Need proof? See 10 of Bruno’s hottest photos below before the new episode of RPDR season 12 premieres tonight.



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