Calling in Sick? People Didn’t Believe RuPaul Was on ‘RPDR’ Last Night

Last night's RuPaul's Drag Race had so much packed into 90 minutes that we are still in gagging almost 24 hours later.  33 different outfits (yes, 33 unedited ensembles walking down that runway), The Vixen (justifiably) yelling at another queen again and (SPOILER ALERT) Monet X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms giving us one of the best lip syncs in quite some time.

But wait… was there something/someone else there, or not there, that we missed out on?  The latest conspiracy theory about the best reality show on television has once again got the internet shook and we are here for it (for now, until the truth hopefully gets revealed.)

For the runway portion of RPDR last night, host RuPaul did not show her face for the first time in the show's almost decade-long history.  Her look read as very Leigh Bowery, with her face totally covered as she topped that off by wearing one of the largest pair of shades the world has ever seen.  But… was it her… or someone else?

Some folks on the internet thought she called in sick and had someone sit in for her instead. They said that she had a sore throat last week, so it would explain why she wouldn't show up. 

Based on the previous conspiracy theories that have gotten out about this show before (like the one where Bebe Zahara Benet wasn't an actual contestant but a judge for All Stars 3), we will take this with a grain of salt.  Let's just hope that we see Ru's gorgeous mug next week so that the internet can refocus on something different like another Aquaria/Cracker battle that is bound to happen at some point.

Do you think that was Ru on last night's show… or not? 

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