Can A Straight Man Successfully Hide As A Gay Man?


You’ve watched straight men try to find the gay man in a group, now watch gay men try to find the straight man in a group.

Jubilee is back with another Odd Man Out video. This series shows a group of people from specific fields, topics, fandoms, and walks of life (such as Christians, Beyoncé fans, Married people, Gay men, and more). Once together, the group is made aware that there’s a mole among them. They then have to vote out the mole before eliminating themselves out. If the mole sticks around till the final round, he gets a large cash prize. If the mole gets voted out before then, the group shares the prize.

This is the latest video released by YouTube channel Jubilee to spotlight LGBTQ people. From drag queens and kings discussing drag culture to gay men discussing Grindr and gay genes, to drag queens competing for money, and more.

But can gay men find the straight man among them? Will relying on stereotypes help them or focusing on targeted questions? To find out if they can do it and what technique could possibly help, check out the video below.

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