Can You Come Out As Not A Bottom? Troye Sivan May Have Just Made Some Men Less Thirsty.

Are we going to start keeping a score card as to which gay stars play what roles? No, I'm not talking about action adventure, comedy, sci-fi roles, but more like the top or the bottom bunk.

A couple of years ago when the whole "don't ask me who I am wearing" movement bloomed on the red carpets of every award show where women were showing their disdain at the "who are you wearing" question, wanting to talk more about their acting roles, I was in total agreement.  I don't blame them!  "They're not asking the men who they are wearing," was the common statement, "but instead are asking questions about their profession and their roles."  I applauded that women wanted to talk about why they were there on the carpet as opposed to who did the hemline. It only made sense.

This PeopleTV interview in September 2017 with Lavern Cox is a great example of "let's spend time talking about the clothing" instead of her acting. They spent 1:39 of the 2:17 interview talking about her dress and fingernails.


There was so much more they could have talked about, especially with Laverne and they did not, but we did learn her chosen color of the night was gun metal.

Of course my little mind went crazy with the idea of, what could they ask the men to make them realize that women were being asked something a little out of place? "Do you like to be dominated in bed?" was one question I thought would be off the wall to ask the males. Well, not so off the wall because in many cases I wanted to know. I mean really, didn't we want to know if Angelina was the dominant one in the Brangelina household?

There are some things that we probably don't need to know about our stars. But what if they decide to share? We all jumped at the chance to label Troye Sivan as a bottom.  I mean really, he basically told us with that song, right?  We covered his Bloom-ing stage in three different posts:

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and in one of the above posts, we shared this quote:

Without getting into like any sort of details whatsoever, [Bloom] was a song I wrote about a particular experience. I’m not branding that as myself forever. It was definitely just writing a song.”

Is it safe to say that most were just thinking, yep, he's a bottom and moved on? Most likely … until BuzzFeed decided to film Sivan reaching into their Big Thirst Cup.

Troye Sivan sits down to read your thirstiest tweets, and is very glad that his mom isn't in the room for it. Make sure to check out Troye in Boy Erased, in theaters now! Credits:…

At about 1:20, Sivan reads the tweet that turned the tide of many thoughts and labels.



So for those of you that care, or for those of you typing these sexy tweets, he may not be a bottom, but instead a top or versatile? Oh My God!  This has my mind not really thinking about his position preference at all, because I never really cared.

Have we cared to know the position preference of Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Eichner, Alan Cummings, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Matt Dallas, Jim Parsons, Robin Lloyd Taylor, and so on?

As I said, I really don't care about the bunk preference of Sivan or any other star, but if he and others want to share, maybe talking about it, mentioning it without fanfare, may make it a moot point for all some day and it won't be breaking news.  Maybe we'll come up with more lettering like, hey' I'm a CGMO for cis gay male just interested in oral.  You know we love labels and letters and … ugh.  This is going to happen, isn't it.  CRAP!  But what this can't become is stars coming out like life is a grinning sex app, a required round two of coming out.  Yep, you're a bisexual man … now all of our readers demand to know … tell us how do you like it!

We may have a world some day where we are not caring about what designer an actress is wearing, which straight male likes to get pegged in bed, or which bunk a gay man prefers. But for now, people still care about labels on dresses and people, who is out as gay, straight, bisexual, fluid, which gender/sexual identity can or should take what roles, and what men may take it or give it.  We are sexual beasts and we know that isn't going to change any time soon.

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