Cheeky! What Reality Star (Allegedly] Grabbed Andy Cohen’s Butt?

Credit: Andy Cohen Instagram

Andy Cohen spent most of his Sunday night (at least on television) discussing his derriere. He wasn’t the one, however, to initially bring his backside up. 

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion concluded on Sunday, September 29, with Andy, 50, in his usual role as host. Most of the episode centered around Ashley Darby‘s husband Michael who discussed a new wave of sexual misconduct claims against him.

One of those accusations included a fellow househusband claiming they saw him grab the Watch What Happens Live host’s butt a while back. 

Michael’s alleged cheeky behavior actually resulted in a formal complaint by an RHOP cameraman in 2018. He was charged with felony assault and misdemeanor improper sexual conduct by a man named Orville Palmer.  

Michael was accused of groping and grabbing Orville while they filmed the show. Charges were eventually dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

The Australian was still in the hot seat during the RHOP reunion on Sunday as many cast members accused him of acting on this behavior with some of the other male staffers of the show.

Karen Huger‘s husband Ray claimed that he saw Michael grab Andy’s booty after the filming of a previous RHOP season.

“I saw you grab Andy’s butt at the reunion… I saw that. You guys were kidding around. It’s not a big deal,” Ray, 72, said. Michael denied the allegation and Andy said he didn’t remember it happening.

The father-of-one changed tunes about the alleged ordeal during Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, where he said, “That was me. It was at the end of the reunion a few years before, and I had just totally forgotten frankly. Someone at Bravo reminded me the next day. I said ‘Wow, Michael squeezed my butt.’ But he said that that’s a way he’s just friendly with other guys. Have you ever heard of that?!”






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