Chloë Grace Moretz’s Gay Conversion Therapy Film Gaining Praise At Sundance 2018

Many people are looking to see which gay film’s will make it big at Sundance this year.

Moonlight, The Handmaiden, Call Me By Your Name, Beach Rats, LadyBird and God’s Own Country had received great praise at the Sundance Film Festival, and were then graced with more attention to them, wider releases, and even awards buzz. Now that Sundance is back again, we’re wondering which gay films are next.

While some are looking towards coming-of-age story We the Animals, there are also a lot of people praising The Miseducation of Cameron Post staring Chloe Grace Mortez.

The story is based on a 2011 novel by Emily M. Danford and follows Mortez’s character who’s caught with a female lover on prom night. She’s then sent to a conversion therapy center where she bonds with the other teens who are all conflicting with their sexualities and their treatment.

The film received praise after its showing at Sudance and many are speaking highly of Chole Grace Mortez’s performance.

In addition, Mortez was very willing to talk about how she met with survivors of conversion therapy while doing talk backs.

Plus, Matthew Shurka, a survivor and one of the film’s consultants, was on hand to answer any detailed questions about conversion therapy practices.

For instance, at one point he went on stage after the film’s showing to talk about the status of gay conversion centers in the U.S.

“It is now illegal in nine different states, for minors only. New Hampshire [just] voted it down, to make it illegal,” he said. “The most recent bill is New York City, and the mayor wants to make it illegal for all ages.” After another round of applause, he added, “Unfortunately, it is legal in the remaining states.” Then he addressed the cast. “I’m one of the survivors, and Chloe brought us together,” he said. “The movie is very moving. Thank you.”

We’ll keep you updated on gay Sundance films, and see which ones will possibly make a bigger splash in the film world for the rest of the year.

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