Chris Evans Stares Deep Into Your Soul During Enchanting Piano Solo

Credit: Paramount

Chris Evans is a bright light amid a very dark 2020. The Captain America star has caught our attention for years however there have been key things he has done lately (some intentional, some not) which remind us just how wonderful and beautiful he really is. 

His newest social media video is no exception as him simply playing the piano turned into a social media meltdown for some of his thirstiest fans. 


Chris posted an Instagram story on Tuesday, November 24, where he played a tune by Italian musical composer Fabrizio Paterlini. He sported a loosely-fitted dark blue sweatshirt and NASA cap for the clip with a perfectly groomed beard to compliment the overall look.

The 39-year-old knew what the hell he was doing during the footage when he turned towards the camera and flashed a slight smile before he continued doing his thing. You could practically hear the panties being thrown at thousands of iPhone screens when he made that small but effective gesture for his diehard followers.


“Is their anything Chris can’t do? Apparently not…. thank you for sharing your talents,” one wrote in the comments section. 

Chris’ other talents were on full display this year. He looked quite delicious in just a pair of swim trunks before doing a perfect backflip into his pool in early October.


He also showed off his impressive amount of tattoos that adorn his right chest and other key parts of his chiseled body. This of course happened right after his infamous photo leak scandal where millions got a glimpse of what he was packing downstairs

Here’s hoping Chris keeps up with his good work going into 2021 and beyond! 

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