Christopher Meloni Teases Posting Nude Photos After Fan Asks For A Selfie

Credit: Chris Meloni Instagram

Christopher Meloni better not be playing with us after the former Law & Order: SVU star posted a very tempting tweet on his Twitter account.

The 59-year-old, who is considered to be one of the hottest daddies in Hollywood, left his fans gasping for more when one simply asked him to share a selfie on Wednesday, September 16.

“No. No shirtless selfies left, only nudes. Sorry,” he responded. We are sad to report that he has not yet followed up on that promise although we are happy to keep up with his popular Twitter page in hopes that he will show it all off at some point.
Its not like we haven’t seen what he’s made of in the past as many of us gay men watched the gritty HBO show Oz in the late 90’s just to see him in all of his glory (need a refresher? Click here).
He isn’t the only famous Chris that has nearly broken the internet this past week. Chris Evans did a great job in doing that himself when he accidentally showed off his package for everyone to see. 
We now patiently await Chris Pine, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth for their turn. Oh, and let’s throw Paul Rudd in while we’re at it as he boasted about his own size during an interview with Chris E. last month.

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