Colton Haynes – always steamy.

Colton Haynes … looking good in clothes and out.  I knew I should have kept that brass bed!

I remember first meeting Colton Haynes during the short lived 13 episodes of The Gates where he played a high school attending werewolf.  I was saddened to see that series go, but Haynes ironically next starred in MTV's Teen Wolf, still a high school going hunk, but this time someone else was the werewolf.  Soooo  many shirtless scenes kept my interest.  How dare they write him off by having his character spending time in London and never coming back to Beacon Hill.

Haynes made a return to cable television in 2013 and can be seen on occasion in The Arrow and The Flash as Roy Harper / The Arsenal.  In between episodes he can still rock it out in front of a camera in a fashion layout.  Here are some pictures from his most recent photo shoot for Schon! Magazine. (

Why didn't someone turn that fan on for him.  He's looking pretty hot and sweaty.

mirror mirror …

Concrete floors are cooler.  Good idea.

I'll take the boots, not sure about the coat.

dalmatian inspiration?

What do you think?