Conan Gray Interviews ‘Elite’ Sensation Manu Ríos

Manu Ríos and Conan Gray have been close friends for years, and the two of them recently went down memory lane all the way back when they were small town boys.

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In an conversation for Interview Magazine, the “Heather” singer himself talked to his ‘Elite’ sensation friend over the phone while he was in Toronto, Canada, and Ríos was at the beach.


After a brief catch-up, the two friends started talking about their Met Gala experience, and how the two of them relied on each other during the nerve-wracking event.

“We’ve known each other for so long since we both lived in random small towns in the middle of nowhere. So it’s very funny and a little ridiculous that we’re doing this right now,” Gray expressed on how far the two of them have come in their careers, as well as their friendship.


“We also had that reunion at the Met Gala,” the 23-year-old singer-songwriter continued.

And to that, Ríos responded,


“Yes. That was so surreal. I’ve been seeing the Met Gala since I was a kid and I’ve always been really inspired by it, but I never thought I was going to make it there. When I heard that I was invited, it didn’t feel real at all. I remember before going on the red carpet, I thought I was really calm, but suddenly I felt all the nerves that I had before.”

The two of them took turns telling their Met Gala story, and how the 23-year-old Spanish actor found the experience “so scary.” He also felt very nervous around prominent Hollywood personalities, but luckily, Gray saw a TikTok video of him, leading to the two of them eventually attending the event together.

“So we spent most of the night inside together, scared, clinging onto each other,” the “Wish You Were Sober” singer shared.

A month later, the two Gen Z hotties also saw each other in Madrid, Spain; to which Ríos commented,


“So we’ve seen each other more in a month than we have in three years.”

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According to Gray, the two of them first met way back when they were in high school. They also talked about their long distance friendship, and how much they learned from each other’s culture.

“I remember when we were young, when we were both still living in small towns, we had so much fun learning about each other’s cultures and our worlds because we lived in such different places. I remember I would text you (Ríos) sometimes and it would be like two in the morning and you’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, my parents are eating dinner.’ I’m like, ‘Dinner at two in the morning?,'” the singer recalled.


The actor agreed to him saying that the two of them did have “really different lifestyles.”

Gray continued on by reminiscing on the younger days of their friendship saying,

“Yeah, in a weird way, us being friends has taught me a lot about the rest of the world—back when I was still living in a conservative small town that was so closed off. I feel like we both lived in really small communities where everyone knows each other and everyone lives the same life and stuff like that. It was just really interesting to think about.”

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And Ríos found it “really cool” that his friend learned more about the world because of the close bond that they share. Talk about friendship goals!


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