Cut Wants To Know: What’s Your Body Count?

Screenshot via YouTube @Cut

Cut has done it again.

Cut is an internet entertainment company that creates videos in a Buzzfeed/Jubilee-esque fashion. The company’s YouTube channel explains itself as being “for everyone.” But how does it serve, entertain, and reflect everyone? Through a series of games.

Cut is known for having several series of games such as Fear Pong, Truth or Drink, LineUp, and more. But it’s the latest video that got our attention.

Yesterday, Cut released a new LineUp video. Lineup sees one to three people guessing varying qualities about a line of strangers. From guessing these strangers’ zodiac signs to their jobs, religions, ethnicities, spoken languages, criminal records, kinks, and more.

And this latest video covers the adult topic of body counts. Three people guessed the number of sexual partners for each person in a line of eight strangers. Hilarity, and some surprises, ensue.

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In terms of LGBTQ representation, Cut has constantly been inclusive. To express that, here are a few videos below.

When the company is not representing us in funny, crazy, and often sexual games, it’s giving us the chance to play at home. Not only did the company create a take-home game version of Fear Pong, but they just successfully funded a game version of Truth or Drink.

The Kickstarter, which ended this past weekend, made $274,804 thanks to 6,622 backers. That said, preorders are still available for those interested. 

But with those two games now out into the world, who knows Cut will come up with next.

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