Dad Who Denied Gay Son Faces Maury

Image via YouTube | Dad Apologizes for Shunning Gay Son… But Is He the Father? | Maury Show

After Resolving His Personal Homophobia, A Dad Fights For Paternity Of His Adult Gay Son On Maury

As members of the LGBTQ community, it’s very likely we know someone – or have experienced ourselves – that has been shunned by their parents due to their sexuality. Some of our community has cut off contact completely or have mended relationships throughout the years with growth. This is why  coming out is such an incredibly traumatizing event for anyone experiencing it and at the end of the day can be the ultimate equalizer within the community to bring everyone together – it’s a stage in life we’ve all had to go through to be our authentic selves. Homophobic parents certainly do exist, but there are those who come around to realize their bigotry and regret their actions later down the line. The latest public example leads us to a recent episode of the Maury Show.


Maury Povich’s new format due to the ongoing pandemic, has all of his guests video call in remotely from their homes as he interviews them on his classic stage. In his latest segment posted yesterday, twenty-four-year old openly gay Jason was asking if a man named Chad was his biological father. This plot twist in this is that Jason was fearful Chad was actually going to be his true father. Their backstory is a tale as old as time: Chad met Jason’s mother, Rose, and together as teenagers they had a child (Jason). Chad and Rose separated, Rose eventually lost custody of Jason, and Chad – years later – decided that he didn’t want to be in Jason’s life because his alleged son was gay and abandoned him. Jason then grew up with his great aunt until adulthood when Rose was eventually able to rejoin his life. The mother and son have became close in years since, but Chad admittedly was ignorant and hateful until recent, unknown revelations changed his mind. Rose was determined to prove that Chad wasn’t Jason’s father to hope her son would have a better role model.

This particular segment of DNA testing is a bit emotional to watch. You can hear the pain in Jason’s voice as he tells us how he essentially lost both of his parents and had to navigate life seemingly alone. Jason seeks acceptance and basically, he just wants to be loved. Chad is triumphant in apologizing and making us believe that he has truly seen the light: He wants to be in his son’s life, it doesn’t matter his sexuality.

Although Rose pushed back on the paternity and Jason was reluctant, it was revealed that Chad is indeed Jason’s biological father – and to be honest, they look like father and son. Chad is extremely excited while Maury gives his paternal wisdom by telling Chad he has a lot of catching up to do. In this case, it’s sweet to see, but to remember that there are a ton of banished LGBTQ children in the globe is unnerving. With the holidays approaching, let’s hope that Chad and Jason can reunite and begin a new chapter in their lives together.

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