Dana Nesel, Michigan’s First Openly Gay Attorney General, Kissed Her Wife In Honor Of Homophobes

Dana Neseel Kissing Her Wife During Her Acceptance Speech / Screenshot via Facebook

One newly elected official is sending message to all the homophobes who were upset by her win.

This Wednesday, Dana Nessel found out that she became Michigan’s first openly gay attorney general with a slim lead of 48.5% of the vote.

After it was announced that she won, homophobes and supporters of her opponent, Republican Tom Leonard, swarmed the internet to complain.

Nessel didn’t let that get her down. Instead, she used that as a driving force of inspiration for her acceptance speech.

During the now viral speech, Nessel turned to her wife, Alanna Maguire, and said, “[I want to thank] my beautiful wife for sticking with me through all of this. Thank you Alanna, I love you.”

She then added, “And for all of you out there that can’t handle the fact that I am about to become the first openly gay person to hold state-wide office [in Michigan]…” before turning to kiss her wife wile on the air.

After the crowd cheered, Nessel said, “That was obnoxious, but I just had to do it.”

Congratulations to Dana Nessel. We look forward to seeing you do great things.

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