DC Fans Cry Out For Revealing Nightwing Shots

Images via DC Comics and Warner Bros Studios

If there’s no butt-shot, what’s the point?

This is the question geekdom is asking as we prepare for the official episode revealing our new Nightwing.


Ever since Titans appeared on the DC streaming service DC Universe, we’ve been wondering what form of Dick Grayson we would get. Would we get the young but authoritative version from the Teen Titans cartoon, or would we get the suave and mature Grayson known in the comics. It didn’t help that Pirates of the Carribean hottie Brenton Thwaites was cast in the role.

Then, word was given that the character’s storyline would be of him flying from the bat’s cave and becoming his own bat-man. Or rather, becoming Nightwing for the first time in live-action DC media. It just took two whole seasons to get there!

Season two of Titans is coming to a close with the upcoming thirteenth episode. And the recent trailer drop finally shows us Thwaites in his official Nightwing costume.


But that trailer has gotten many of the internet asking the same thing. What does the backside look like?





We at Instinct have written it before that Nightwing is probably the most sexualized male superhero in comic book history. While there are plenty of shirtless scenes for our heroes of legend, there’s only one caped crusader given the full butt pose treatment alongside his female companions.

As Pride points out, it’s those butt-tastic outfits and poses that many Titans fans, and many non-fans who just want to ogle at a sexy superhero, are asking for. But will Titans deliver? We’ll find out as episode 13, and the season finale, of season 3 drops on November 29. And if they don’t give it to us, we’ll riot until we get it in season 3!

Source: Pride

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