Debra Messing Reportedly In Trouble With NBC Over Megyn Kelly Post

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It seems the Megyn Kelly/Will & Grace situation just won’t end, but it looks like NBC wants it to.

To catch you up to speed, former news anchor Megyn Kelly recently tried to transition from news to talk shows by hosting her own show.

But ever since sitting in the host’s chair, she has found herself in one negative news headline after another.

She invites the Will & Grace cast onto the show… and she insults them (and the gay internet) with a joke. She invites Jane Fonda onto the show… and she insults her with questions about plastic surgery (and not questions about Fonda’s new Netflix project). Clearly, Kelly needs to work on her hosting.

But, while Fonda just tried to direct the conversation back to her new project and then let the moment die, Debra Messing didn’t let it go.

As we reported yesterday, Messing took to social media to comment her dismay towards Kelly for her joke.

But, news has hit that Messing may have gotten herself into a little mess by commenting on it.

Page Six is reporting that Messing has been spoken to, through her agent/publicist, by a higher up at NBC.

Supposedly, “Debra was told to cut it out by someone high up in the NBC Entertainment division run by Bob Greenblatt, via her agent or publicist,” according to a corporate executive.

Of course, NBC and Messing’s team have declined to comment on this, but hopefully this will be the end of the entire situation.

8 thoughts on “Debra Messing Reportedly In Trouble With NBC Over Megyn Kelly Post”

  1. I predict the Anti Trump tone

    I predict the Anti Trump tone of Will & Grace will become exceedingly tiresome.  I found the opening show mediocre at best.

  2. Screw Megyn Kelly. I had high

    Screw Megyn Kelly. I had high hopes for her on NBC, a network I probably have not watched  since Will & Grace went off the air or maybe Katie Couric leaving the today,  show whatever happened last. Matt Lauer is an ass as well, very arrogant. Debra is only speaking the truth. Kelly should apologize!  

  3. This is all second and third

    This is all second and third hand stories but there would be nothing unusual about an executive of a corporation suggesting that an employee should be careful of damaging a profit Center of the corporation.

    …. In other words, knocking Megan even if completely Justified may cause NBC to lose advertising Revenue as Megyn's show gets lower ratings.

    This does not mean that NBC is saying Megan is right and Debra is wrong. 


  4. So if it comes down to Megyn

    So if it comes down to Megyn Kelly and her shitty morning show vs. Debra Messing who's the lead in a guaranteed 2 season series with huge ratings, I wonder what NBC will do?  Hmmm. 



    Stop trying to muzzle Debra for standing up for what is right!


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