Democrats To Reintroduce LGBT Bill To Call Republicans To The Carpet

Are Democrats looking to see how in touch Congress is with the people they represent? The Public Religion Research Institute ( PRRI ) recently released two studies which we at Instinct shared with our readers:


Poll Results: Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bills, Christian vs Muslim Discrimination, Immigration. How Do Americans Feel?

Do Most Religious Americans Want “Religious Freedom” Laws Allowing Anti-LGBT Discrimination



Possibly in following with those results, Democrats in Congress are planning to reintroduce legislation within the remaining days of March that would ban LGBT discrimination nationwide.

Wold it pass? Most likely not, but progressives hope the results of the vote or the inactivity by Republicans would illustrate a fissure between the two major political parties, just in time for candidates seeking re-election to answer back to their constituents.

Rhode Island’s Democratic Representative David Cicilline will sponsor the bill in the House while a companion bill will be re-introduced by Oregon’s Democratic Senator Jeff Merkle. 

Not only are democrats standing up to say yes, we support a ban on LGBT discrimination, but they plan is to give a soap box for the Republicans to stand on and say why they do not support a ban.  They more so are desiring the soap box would turn into a noose and the Republicans will hang themselves with their own bigotry and words.  What would most Republicans be against?

The Equality Act, as it’s known, would amend existing civil rights laws to add protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in workplaces, housing, and public spaces.

It would also clarify that transgender students can use single-sex facilities in schools in accordance with their gender identity, possibly settling a dispute tangled in courts. –

Do you think the Equality Act will make it out of committee in either the House of Reps or the Senate? 

Do you think there will be some Democrats that will not support banning LGBT discrimination?

Is this a waste of time or do we need to keep banging at the door of equality for all?



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