Derick Dillard Criticizes ‘The View’ For His Own Homophobia Comments


Former TLC star Derick Dillard went on a homophobic tirade against Nate Berkus and his partner Jeremiah Brent's family recently, and the ladies of The View just chimed in about it all on Friday's show.  Now, he has a new target it seems for what he created in the first place.

This all started when TLC shared a photo of Nate and Jeremiah with their daughter as they are promoting their new Nate & Jeremiah By Design.  This was something that Derick was not happy about, and had this to say:



Nate took the high road in his response to it all, tweeting "My hope with having a show like #NandJByDesign on @TLC, where we go into people’s homes and welcome viewers into ours, is that we can start to break down barriers & normalize the way our family looks & the way our family loves."



The women of the view discussed what he said on Friday's show, where Whoopi Goldberg immediately said "Who is this guy?" Joy Behar then said "He's a Duggar in-law" to which Whoopi quickly followed up with "Well, you know, you are outlawed now. You should just stop man, stop. You don't have to agree with anybody's lifestyle, but you don't live in their house just like we don't live in a house where there are 900 kids, and that's what you guys are celebrating on your show." 

Cohost Sara Haines agreed with Whoopi on the whole ordeal, even saying that some of her role models as parents are gay which then showed two of her friends who are gay parents in a loving pose with their daughter. The rest of the hosts agreed in their own similar ways, with Meghan McCain even saying that having a same-sex couple as parents is no different than having straight parents. 



Here's what Derick had to say about their discussion:



"Really?! Are my friends on The View really going to be our standard & champion for open-mindedness?", he tweeted. "Conviction doesn’t equal lack of open mindedness. We need to love all people & promote what’s best for everyone. Most Americans believe this, but are fearful of bullying like this."

The response to his tweet, just like the one he did regarding Nate & Jeremiah's family, was met with a ton of criticism and lack of awareness that the majority of this country does in fact support same-sex marriage and people who identify as LGBT. 

As of Monday night, both tweets to The View and about Nate & Jeremiah remain on his Twitter page. 

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  1. Let’s go back to the Golden

    Let's go back to the Golden Age when the rantings of a lowlife like Derek Dillard do not matter. 


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