Did Someone OD At JoJo Siwa’s Pride Party?

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That’s a way to start Pride month (and your first year of being out).

Last night, paramedics arrived at JoJo Siwa’s house because of a possible overdose. The incident happened while Siwa was hosting a Pride party at her Los Angeles home. The party included a bounce house, pool decorations, a piano, and more. But, unfortunately, it also included a health emergency. An unidentified 30-year-old man started to overdose around 8pm, according to TMZ. Witnesses also say that the man arrived to the party already high.


Currently, there’s been no updates on the man’s condition. And as of this article’s release, JoJo Siwa and her team have yet to make a public comment on the situation. So, unfortunately, that’s all the public knows.

This isn’t the first time that first responders have been called to JoJo Siwa’s house. Back in January of this year, the Dance Moms star had her home raided by police.

“Our house got ‘swatted,’” Siwa said in an Instagram video alongside friend and videographer Nate Javier.


The two retold the situation after the incident. Apparently, someone had given a false report to the police. While it’s unknown what was said, it garnered a full raid of Siwa’s home. She, her friends, and her family were all unharmed and no one was arrested.

That incident happened just a week after the YouTuber came out as queer. After sharing videos on TikTok that made fans question her sexuality, Siwa confirmed the fact on Twitter. She did so by releasing a photo of herself in a shirt reading, “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” Though, Siwa later clarified that she has yet to officially label herself. She then revealed to the world that she has a girlfriend, and it was the girlfriend that encouraged Siwa to come out.

From coming out to getting raided to now having someone overdose at your party? JoJo Siwa is having a crazy year.

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  1. Sorry, but she is just a complete mess! She is an absolute embarrassment to the gay community and should just shut her damn mouth.


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