DJ Aron & Beth Sacks’ “You Can Have My Heart” Brings The Love For 2020

With DJ Aron’s musical skills and smoldering good looks & Beth Sacks unsurpassed and bold vocals, this dance music dream team have continued to find consistent success on dance floors worldwide. From recreating classic anthems like “Voulez Vouz” & “Imagine” and crafting them into circuit-style stompers, their musical partnerships and their latest single are always eagerly anticipated by the fans, and their latest offering does not disappoint. Sacks herself has written the lyrics for their latest single “You Can Have My Heart” and it’s a passionate anthem crafted perfectly for the dance floor. 

The video for “You Can Have My Heart” is also one of Sacks and Aron’s biggest productions yet, with Sacks herself giving “Red Queen Realness” and looking scorching while decked out in crimson. The drops in the track merge perfectly with the anthemic style of the track overall, making the inevitable remixes that will be coming eagerly anticipated. 


So anticipated, that DJ Aron has already released a “Club Mix” on his own YouTube channel! Stay tuned for more stacks of remixes for this one coming soon from this duo…


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