Do Not Tell “Your Number” To Your New Dates!

Do Not Tell "Your Number” To Your New Dates!

That’s Your Business Only!

After a long hiatus, #InstinctAfterDark is back and I'm ready to speak more about dating and sex lives! They say hoes love having sex at night to feel loved, so why not talk about it while we’re douching for that last-minute date or simply lounging in bed browsing on our phones before we head to Pornhub? The latest edition of #InstinctAfterDark comes after a series of hot and heavy dates I’ve had with one of the plentiful men in West Hollywood. We had a great fling, but the fire was extinguished when he asked me the most personal question: How many people have I slept with? Like, wait, what!?!

You know you’re not bashful when you openly answer questions regarding oral sex on the first date. Yet, here I am clutching my pearls at the thought of revealing my number to a guy who I am relatively interested in. Hear me out, it’s not like we haven’t disclosed any predetermined factors one should speak of before having sex. We’ve had sex, lots of it, safely, and consensually. However, we’ve known each other for just a few months and haven’t necessarily dabbled in conversations surrounding entering into a relationship. Regardless, I believe it’s none of his or anyone else’s business to know "your number.” How much of an awful '90s romantic comedy film plot line is that? It’s safe to say I’m washing my hands of this particular person who clearly wants to know too much about me before putting a title on us. What if he decided to use this information against me?

The past is the past, my past is in my past, and it should stay there. If you don’t have to disclose, legally or morally, your previous sex life, why would you? Talk about sex, be about it, do it, but there is absolutely no way I’m going to openly tell anyone my number. Guess a number and you may be right, but your speculation is as close as you’re getting.

Are you willing to reveal the number of people you’ve slept with while on dates? Is "your number" a secret or do you share it with whomever asks?

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  1. Does everyone keep track of

    Does everyone keep track of their number? Maybe I'm revealing too much here but I honestly don't know mine. It's not some absurdly high number, but I get tested regularly and always use condoms, which is what really matters in the end


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