Doctor Who Producer Says Show Will Continue With LGBTQ Characters From Across The Spectrum

The new season of Doctor Who is just around the corner, and it looks like it’ll have lots of LGBTQ+ representation in it.

It seems the name of the game for Doctor Who lately is representation. Not only did the prior season have a lesbian companion in Bill Potts, but now the regenerating Time Lord will be played by a female actor for the first time, Jodie Whittaker.

Now, just weeks before the season’s premiere on October 7, executive producer Matt Strevens says the show will incorporate even more LGBTQ+ relationships and characters.

“Since the show came back in 2005, I think Doctor Who has been amazing at blurring the edges of sexuality and being quite gender fluid about the characters and relationships,” said Strevens to Digital Spy.

“I’m not going to say if any of our characters are or are not at this point. But it is part, I think, of the DNA that [ex-writer of the series] Russell [T Davies] re-imbued into the show…There will be characters from across the spectrum.”

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the show has included LGBTQ+ characters (both main and minor) into the story.

After ending its initial run from 1963 to 1989, the series returned nearly two decades later in 2005. At the helm of the ship was TV legend Russell T Davies, who created gay series like Queer As Folk, Banana, and Cucumber.

Even after Davies left the show, the series continued to include LGBTQ+ characters like Potts, River Song, and the Madam Vestra/Jenny Flint couple.

We look forward to the new season and seeing when LGBTQ characters, big or small, meet the new Doctor.

h/t: Digital Spy

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