Does Andy Cohen Get Judged Harsher as a Parent Because He’s a Single Gay Dad?

Andy Cohen
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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the BIGGEST Andy Cohen fan. That’s no shade to him, he’s simply not my biggest cup of tea when it comes to what entertains me on my television screen. I tune into Watch What Happens Live for the guests more than the 50-year-old, although I will admit that his unique brand of humor and personality is part of what has made him such a mainstream success for the past decade.

It was somewhat surprising to me when he made the announcement about him becoming a father. I think I was baffled because Andy is a very private person when it comes to his romantic life outside of the spotlight, and this decision seemed to come from out of nowhere. Still I, like many other people, were thrilled for him to embark on such a wonderful journey.


Andy introduced his baby boy, Benjamin Allen Cohen, on Monday, February 4. The late-night host revealed earlier on that he used a surrogate for his process in becoming a first-time father. Fans and celebrity friends flooded his Instagram comments section with well-wishes immediately after he posted the precious photo of them together.

An alarming trend I have noticed, however, is the amount of negative comments people have written to Andy over how he’s raising his son. Every picture that features Benjamin includes a swarm of troll-ish words that have criticized the Bravo honcho. This includes his dog Wacha’s interaction with his littlest one to Anderson Cooper’s shoes being on the carpet during his time with the newborn.


“Why is Uncle Anderson wearing his NYC sneakers on the carpet that Benny will eventually crawl on?!”, one wrote. It’s bizarre. The world we live in is bizarre that these people exist just to put their two cents in about someone who really will never give a flying f**k about them.

It feels like they are trying to give their best advice to Andy because he’s never been in this position before, which gives them the delusional power to make such ridiculous statements. In other words, he’s ignorant about what he’s doing, and you’re the knowledgeable one who will make him feel bad for what you perceive to be his mistake.


It makes me think that Andy is being overtly criticized for every move he makes with Benjamin due to who he is as a person (single and openly gay).

If that’s true, it doesn’t seem to bother him. Andy has never had a problem with defending who he is against the vicious trolls that have come after him on social media. He’s stood up for himself numerous times, notably when he was slammed over his New Year’s Eve cohosting gigs with Anderson.

My recent visit to WWHL painted him as a happy dad who was thrilled to show everyone that Benjamin was sleeping via his baby monitor.  So maybe he’s just like every other celebrity out there who does the right thing and ignores the comments section (for the most part) as if they didn’t it would seemingly drive them mad.


So, bottom line, give this guy a break, and “LEAVE ANDY ALONE” (Chris Crocker voice).

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  1. Andy Cohen is an attention whore who thinks absolutely nothing of exploiting others to suit his own needs, as is apparent as him being one of the producers of & host of The Real Housewives of …….. franchise.
    Bottom line is ….. he has put himself in the spotlight so has now has to bear the consequences. Unfortunately, so will he offspring.


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