“Does Anyone Like Asian Guys Like Me?” Instinct Reader Messaged Us & Stopped Us In Our Tracks.


"Does Anyone Like Asian Guys Like Me?"

We receive many messages on our Facebook account.  Often they are just a "Hi" from someone with no elaboration and then there are others sending the magazine a note saying "you're hot" … the magazine thanks you for your vote of hotness.

One message really caught my attention the other day.  Denico from the Philippines sent us a quick message saying "is anyone like asian guy like me?"  Now, I think Tagalog is his first language since that what appears mainly on his Facebook page and FB translator does not do too well with it, but I understood what he was saying and asking and when I read it, it made me stop and just … stop.

Denico, that is a great question to spark debate as well as a horrible one because it is all too real. It's sad to say it's not the first time I've dealt with that question before.  On one of my whatever apps (they have many names; sex, hook-up, catfishing, waste of time, dating apps), I remember one guy asking me very bluntly, "is it okay that I am Asian?" That stopped me in my tracks.  What kind of shit did this guy have to go through to have that as his second text to me. 

But then again, I know what he goes through for I am one of the other parts of "triumvirate of disgust" that gays seem to avoid at all costs.  I'm not Asian, but I am fat.  Before my app conversations goes too far, I often find myself writing, "so you don't mind a bigger hairy guy with a belly?"  It's a reality check that we men of the triumvirate have started to put out there early on in any conversation so we don't get our hopes up or waste too much time thinking it might go somewhere. 

Is this okay?  Is it acceptable?  To be honest, its second nature for me, and I am sure it is second nature for feminine guys and Asian men. Instead of finding out likes and dislikes to see if there is anything mutual, you need to get clarification from the other person to see if this is going to develop into anything or is your waist, lisp, or skin tone going to prevent that.

What was interesting is the message just before Denico's was from Hoon Bae from Los Angeles, California. His message was:

Hi there!

I’d love your support in my personal project to bringing more representation and attention to hot Asian guys around the world. I’m searching for hot Asian guys around the world and featuring them on my Instagram account. My main goal is to challenge the negative stereotypes existing out there about Asian men and to also embrace & appreciate beautiful Asian men around the world.

I hope that you can mention/feature this Instagram account in one way or another. Any support would be appreciated!

Also these guys are REALLY hot




There yah go Hoon.  We mentioned you and your Instagram.  And as you can see, your message to us was very timely.  Now, no people, I'm not going to mention all of your Instagram sites on Instinct so stop right there.  But this one needed mentioning and I think a certain young man in the Philippines needed to know that people do find Asian men hot.

And Denico, if someone doesn't find you hot because of your ethnicity, just move on.  If someone doesn't like you because you are fat, just move on.  If someone doesn't like you because you are feminine, just move on.  Shallow is as shallow does. 

If you want to see more of Hoon's page, head on over to Wolfeguys on Instagram.

13 thoughts on ““Does Anyone Like Asian Guys Like Me?” Instinct Reader Messaged Us & Stopped Us In Our Tracks.”

  1. I’m an Asian guy who lives in

    I'm an Asian guy who lives in Southern California and still single after having resided here for a little over a decade now.  My friends wonder why I'm still single.  I myself have an attraction to other races other than mine.  Haven't had the chance to meet my match I guess.  

  2. I’ve ALWAYS thought Asian

    I've ALWAYS thought Asian guys are hot… my only problem has been the vast majority NOT into Black guys :-/

  3. I only disagree that it is

    I only disagree that it is being shallow. Everyone has a phenotype and if it just isn't what you're into, I don't think anyone should be criticized. I guess be more open minded but if you're going to be transparent so should the other person hmm? 

    • No.  That’s just an excuse as

      No.  That's just an excuse as old as time, "no offense, I like what I like." That's garbage thinking.  You should be asking yourself WHY you like and don't like certain qualities in men.  What social and personal influences helped shape your desires.   If you are not looking at that critically then that indeed makes you shallow.   

      • I disagree. Would any amount

        I disagree. Would any amount of critical thinking make you like a woman if you are gay?? No, of course not. It is just as wrong to not accept people for what they like, as for what they dislike. It is, however, completely shallow to put no fats, fems, or asians on any profile and it makes you look douchey!

        • Nope nope nope.  I call

          Nope nope nope.  I call shenanigans! You either open to new experiences or not.  Don't hide behind causal racism to defend yourself.  It's sickening. 

          • There is vast difference

            There is vast difference between sexual identity and sexual preference. And for a person to disregard an an entire race is just gross. 

  4. As a caucasian gay man and

    As a caucasian gay man and someone who loves all men, no matter the race I would like to say that if you are not friending, dating or playing with Asian men you are really missing out. My boy friend is Taiwanese. I've been called  "rice queen" among other things, I've actually been ask several times over the years "why do you like Asian guys". I can't recall ever being ask why I like any other races and I've dated them all. It's unfortunate that gay men can be so closed minded and in some cases, out right racist… 

    Also come visit us at GAMeBoi SF, LA, SD and soon NY. GAMeBoi is a night club event that celebrates gay Asian men and diversity. 


  5. I am a sucker for Asian men,

    I am a sucker for Asian men, the bad thing I live in an area where there are hardly any Asian guys. That's the only reason I want to move to California


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