Dustin McNeer Just Posted The Thirstiest Photo of 2019

Credit: Dustin McNeer Instagram

Dustin McNeer is an absurd freak of nature when it comes to how unbelievably good looking he is.


The America’s Next Top Model alum, who appeared on the same season as eventual winner Nyle DiMarco, just posted a photo that could arguably be 2019’s thirstiest one yet.

He captioned it as “Uptown-down.” I literally have no idea what that means as its besides the point of what’s going on in this ridiculously hot snap.

There’s so much to take in from a simple shot of him posing in what appears to be his kitchen. First… the bump in his sweats that could reach his dishwasher based on the looks of it.

Second, his chiseled body that glistens perfectly with the light hitting it. Third, his adorable smile looking down at something that more than likely has gotten a lot of usage in the past couple of years.


It’s not like he hasn’t posted thirst trap photos in the past. His Instagram is the epitome of that phrase. 


So… Happy Sunday Instinct fans (PS I have never wanted to be a Capri Sun drink more than the one he’s enjoying in the pic above). 

2 thoughts on “Dustin McNeer Just Posted The Thirstiest Photo of 2019”

  1. I cannot cosign. He looks increasingly unnatural. He’s too pumped now (steroids?) and his poor tattoos have desecrated the beauty of his body, with no discernible design or purpose. He used to be SO much cuter.


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