Emergency Room Gays – a tumblr you can relate to?

No, I am not a nurse, or an E.M.T., or work in an emergency room, but I have plenty of friends that do.  Gays make up a huge part of a hospital's workforce.  I want to thank my friend Kevin for steering me onto this tumblr address that I am sure many of you can relate to or at least find comical.  If not, I am sure we have friends that need to see this.



EMERGENCY ROOM GAYS is a gif heavy tumblr account that even though you are not in the medical field, you will find funny.  I'm sharing it here as well as on my Facebook in order to show my friends that take care of us when we cannot do it for ourselves, that yes, we know that stupid does exist and it seems to be rampant when hospital gowns are worn.  We apologize but our brains seem to shut off when we smell that smell that only hospitals smell like.



Have a story of your own? This account accepts submissions as well. Here are a couple examples of what can be seen on tumblr, but click here to go to EMERGENCY ROOM GAYS for more. 



What do you think?