Extended look at Into the Woods!

Anyone else a fan and cannot wait until Christmas this year for Into the Woods to come out? 

I first fell in love with this Broadway hit when I saw it performed perfectly at my undergraduate school, Colby College, in Waterville, Maine.  How well my fellow students did and how great the score was blew me away.  I wanted to see it again and again for I did not realize something this amazing could happen on my little campus.  I also enjoyed how the characters and their stories were interwoven, very similar to ABC's Once Upon a Time.  Yes, I'm a fan of that as well.  I'm so much a fan I even worked in a self guided tour of Steveson, Vancouver, British Columbia during my 40th birthday weekend to the Northwest.  Steveson is an actual functioning town, but when it is time to film, buildings get redone to look like the fictional town of Storybrook, Maine.

Into the Woods, looks amazing and has a great ensemble to hopefully knock this musical out of the park. No, I'm not a Broadway geek or a show tune lover at all.  I just like good entertainment and I hope Disney makes it happen. 

Take a look at the extended preview of the movie below as well as the official movie trailer.   If you would like to read more, visit EntertainmentWeekly or cruise on over to Playbill.com to see more pics like these.

Click on the link here for the Extended Look!





Official trailer of Into the Woods below



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