Face Palm! Britney Spears Forgets Where She is Onstage and Gets Booed

Someone should really give Britney Spears a map or something, because she once again forgot where she was while onstage overseas. This has happened twice in the past month.

The pop songstress wrapped up the European leg of her Piece of Me tour in Blackpool, England on September 1st after making stops across the continent in France, Norway, Scotland and more.

She was about to finish the show that night, where Britney turned to the crowd and said "How you feeling, Birmingham?” She was in Birmingham the night beforehand. "Oops"… she did it again.

Her fans proceeded to boo her right after (see the clip here). She did the same thing back in early August during Brighton Pride across the pond, where she was heard asking her dancers what city she was in (they came to her aid).

She also didn't know who Andy Cohen was when he was invited on stage during one of her concerts in New York City back in July. And she spoke in a British accent during another show, where fans have once again dubbed her "Britishney."



At least we have Britney's hot dancers as consolation for her forgetfulness! 




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