Fake Falcon Studios Recruiter Lands On Grindr

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Watch out gay dating app and social media app users. A new scam is taking two popular programs by storm.

The Sword (site not safe for work) has recently released a report that numerous accounts are pretending to be recruiters looking for new adult film talent. While many of us are used to receiving messages from scams, bots, and guys wasting our time, this new scam is more thought out than those 10-second conversations.

Many Grindr and Instagram users have reported interacting with accounts pretending to be recruiters for adult film studio Falcon Studios Group. A scam artist (or artists) has created fake profiles that approach users to share a job opportunity. The profile said it would pay its targets with $2,500 to $3,500 for shooting adult film scenes or modeling for NSFW photos.

But here’s where the true scam portion of the conversations takes place. The scam artist asked “potential models” to pay a deposit of $1,000 to cover a series of items like a contract, film date retainers, medical coverage fees, and more.

Anyone who knows even a small bit of how film production works would start seeing red flags at this request. And many did, as news of the fake profiles eventually reached the real Falcon Studios. It doesn’t hurt that the scam artist uses terrible grammar in his or her messages, as displayed below.

“We just received your deposit for the film slot reservation but we would like to inform you there is a contract fee that will cost you $475 for you to be able to continue with the shoot. We are very strict now in terms if filing for the assurance of the company. Our model (name redacted) is not informed about this since this was mandated last 2 days. The fault is with us. Since it is our negligence, we will add a 10% of the the total salary to your income ($350) as a way of refund.”

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After hearing of this scam, Falcon Studios released a statement to express how wrong this scam is towards the realities of production. Falcon Studios, and most other adult film studios, pay their models and assist with travel/accommodations. At no time will models and talent have to pay a deposit or fee.

“Our top priority is always the well-being of everyone we work with, including potential models,” wrote Falcon’s VP of Production, Adam Q. Robinson. “We encourage prospective performers to submit their application, and if they’re a fit for an upcoming production, they will be contacted by either myself or one of our directors, but they will never be asked to pay any money to us under any circumstances.”

“We feel for anyone who has been scammed out of money to appear in our movies and hope we can raise awareness about this so nobody else is deceived or exploited,” states Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Network President Tim Valenti. “We’re committed to do anything we can to ensure that nobody else falls victim to this blatant misrepresentation and fraud.”

So be on the lookout Grindr users and Instagram models, scammers are out with a fury. But keeping your wits about you can help to protect against moments like this.

Sources: The Sword

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