‘Family Guy’s Bruce Comes Out & Gets Married in Upcoming Episode

Credit: FOX

Although it has been heavily implied, emphasis on the word “heavily”, the character of Bruce on Family Guy has never acknowledged his sexuality.

That’s all about to change in an upcoming episode of the Emmy-winning animated series as he will both come out of the closet and marry his boyfriend! 


The storyline revolves around Bruce (Mike Henry) dating Meg (Mila Kunis) after pressure from his homophobic, conservative parents.

Meg, who is often the voice of reason amid all the stupidity surrounding her, calls off their nuptials and instead convinces Bruce to come out. 


A clip published on Family Guy‘s Instagram shows the Kool-Aid man trying to crash Bruce & Jeffery’s (the man he’s often referred to in many past episodes) wedding before he realizes what’s going on and retreats with a bible. So Kool-Aid man is homophobic?

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Family Guy‘s gay humor in the past has been both humorous and shocking to witness. In an episode called “Family Gay” its main star Peter (Seth MacFarlane) becomes temporarily gay after taking part in a medical study. He turns himself into a person some would consider stereotypical to a larger audience as they made him very effeminate with a ton of raunchy jokes about gay sex splashed in between. 

“If there is too much gay humor it becomes bullying and I don’t like that, so it probably could do with phasing it out,” Patrick Warburton (Joe) said in an interview with Digital Spy regarding the program’s gay jokes. “The nature of the show is satire and it does seem to be an equal opportunity of slander across the line.”

“If it is more specifically targeting one group more than others, I find it a bit bullying that way,” he continues. “But I think all of us should have a little sense of humor in ourselves.”

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