Fans Think Troye Sivan’s New Song is About Bottoming

Openly gay pop singer Troye Sivan dropped the video for his latest single called "Bloom."  The almost four minute clip is done totally in 3D by artist Jason Ebeyer, and currently sits number four on the website's trending page. 

The song title isn't exactly about a flower here. People are thinking that it's more about… bottoming.  The lyrics that coincide "Bloom" sort of support that cause, even though Troye playfully denied that it was in an interview with Dazed Digital where he said "It’s 100 per cent about flowers! That’s all it is.'

 “It’s true, babe… I’ve been saving this for you… Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now… Might tell you to take a second baby slow it down… You should know I bloom, I bloom just for you.” Those are just some of the lyrics from the song.  The way Troye sings it implies that he is the one bottoming for the first time. 

The song even kicks off with "Take a trip into my garden, I've got so much to show ya, The fountains and the waters, Are begging just to know ya."  So Troye, you really aren't fooling anyone here.

It's the third single he's released after "My My My!" and "The Good Side" from his forthcoming sophomore album.  His debut, Blue Neighbourhood, was a major hit and was certified gold in several different countries including his home country of Australia and the United States.

Do you think "Bloom" is about bottoming? Take a look at the video below.

What do you think?