Finland Finally Had Its 1st Gay Couple Adopt A Kid! What Took So Long?

Same-sex parents with child (stock photo via Depositphotos)

Congratulations to Finnish families, your time to unite under a banner of love and support has come.

But why is this only happening now? You see, Finland passed same-sex marriage back in 2015. The law change then took effect in March of 2017. That said, it then took an additional three years for couples to go through the counseling process for adoption. This includes the process of being accepted by agencies, making sure wannabe parents are financially/emotionally prepared for parenting, finding the right fit for the child and parents, going through paperwork, and so much more.

The LGBTQ rights and advocacy group the Sateenkaariperheet wrote about the issue in a translated statement, according to The GayTimes. In the statement, the organization explained that the first male couple to adopt a child in Finland are excited to start the next step for their family.

“The first male couple to adopt a child wants to remain anonymous,” they wrote. “They say they are more than happy to have a family now. The family also praises the adoption team of the City of Helsinki for all the support they have given. In their experience, the attitude of the authorities towards the adoption of the rainbow family has been very positive and encouraging.”

The organization then added, “They are aware of their family’s special status, but says ‘we are still an ordinary family and rejoice in our normal baby routine.’”

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Juha Jämsä, the Executive Director of the Rainbow Families Association, spoke to the NewsNowFinland about the topic of male same-sex couples looking to adopt in Finland.

“Adoption is especially important from the perspective of male couples’ opportunities, a new way to parenthood,” Jämsä noted. “Adoption is unlikely to be the most common way for male couples to have children. However, it is an important additional opportunity for men, whose opportunities to form a family with children as a whole have been very limited.”

Finland now joins 29 other countries where same-sex couples are legally allowed to adopt children. Though, many other countries do allow LGBTQ people to adopt. However, in that case, the situation isn’t as fortunate. In said countries, one LGBTQ person may adopt a child and be the legal parent/guardian. While LGBTQ citizens may have a lover or partner help raise the child, only one of the parents is legally recognized as a parent. Thankfully, Finland doesn’t have to deal with such complicated adoption laws and family setups. Now, same-sex couples can adopt together… once they get through the counseling period, that is.

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