Fire Island’s Preeminent Dance Club, Pavilion, Announces Its Summer DJ Line-Up

Spring hasn’t even sprung yet, but the busy bees at Fire Island Pines are already gearing up for summer season. PJ McAteer, the island’s Managing Director, and his team have worked through the winter, revamping the island’s retail shops, upgrading the restaurants, and crafting brand new entertainment options. “It takes a lot of preparation to turn the island into the magical place we all know and love,” he says.

That includes carefully curating the musical acts that will be spinning the beats on the island all summer.  This week, the Pavilion announced its summer DJ line-up and it is a veritable who’s who and who’s hot in gay nightlife. Among the names are veterans DJ’s Danny Verde, Phil Romano, and Morabito (who headlined the Heritage of Pride WorldPride Pier Dance with Madonna). In addition, the eclectic lineup includes everyone from Dani Brasil, Occupy the Disco (the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum), Glamcocks (of Burning Man fame), and Carry Nation (the electro techno group featuring Will Automagic and Nita Aviance).

Photo Courtesy of PJ McAteer/Fire Island Pines

“We’re thrilled with this summer’s DJ line-up,” continues McAteer. “We were careful to select the crème of the crop that represent all the major genres of dance music from progressive to tribal, circuit, and electro. There will be something for every musical taste to get down to on the dancefloor.”

Located 90 minutes from New York City, Fire Island Pines first became a destination for gay men back in 1952. At that time, it was still illegal for two men to even dance together in public. The island provided an important refuge for young men to escape a world where so many still viewed them as sexual deviants.

Fire Island hosted its first Share-A-Thon, its annual event pairing Fire Island summer share providers (those offering shares) with seekers (those looking for shares), on Feb 11. Attendance of seekers was up 25% from last year with fewer homeowners in attendance. Still, both groups had a chance to meet and mingle over photos, floor plans and fliers. 

For those looking to grab their share, another Share-a-Thon event will take place March 16th @ 7-9pm at The Center (208 W 13 St, NYC). Admittance is $10.

The Pavilion’s first major Saturday night party of the summer will be May 23, Memorial Day Weekend.


For more information on the March 16th Share-a-thon, visit

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