Fischerspooner’s West Coast Tour Ends With Emergency Leather, Sweat, and Grinding

Sexy and dark musical group Fischerspooner just finished their West Coast tour promoting their latest album Sir, which has gotten some serious attention because of NSFW music videos TopBrazil and Butterscotch Goddamn.

Fans of the artistic duo have been longing for more music by Fischerspooner and the minds behind the act, Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer, have not disappointed.

Just last month, Instinct wrote about the hype of their new album in anticipation for their West Coast tour. Having played The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco and The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, the band was ready to conquer the orange curtain at The Observatory in Orange County (Santa Ana). I was pumped after having seen photos and videos from the previous performances and I knew it would be a sweaty, sexy spectacular.

Four hours prior to the show, Fischerspooner posted that tickets were still available for the show. But an hour and a half prior to doors opening at The Observatory, the Facebook event page posted the event was canceled.

Cue the outrage! Fans went apeshit to learn that the show they had been waiting months for was no more. Some people posted they had driven seven hours and hundreds of miles and were already in the area, only to be shocked with this news. I too was disappointed until…

Less than an hour later, a video popped up featuring Casey declaring that there had been an issue with the venue. According to a source, the inspector arrived at The Observatory and did not allow them to open doors to the public that evening. Everyone received a refund.

The good news? Fischerspooner threw on their thigh highs and fishnets and put together an emergency show at local gay club Ripples in Long Beach.

Like many others who were awaiting the show in Orange County, I jumped in my car and drove my ass to Ripples–in the rain.

Club Ripples, an iconic gay bar in Southern California, isn’t quite conducive for shows. The venue set the second level dance floor up for an intimate show where leather bears, bearded beauties, and fan queens alike were able to enjoy an up close and personal show with Fischerspooner. And did I mention it was FREE?!

A packed room of fans whose adrenaline was mixing with cocktails and beers cheered with Casey walked into the room wearing a glittery trench coat with a huge popped collar. From that moment it was a night to remember.

Casey and his team gave the show of a lifetime in that crowded room. Two hot S&M dancers joined Fischerspooner on stage who turned out several wardrobes changes that included leather, ties, thongs, fur coats, and Casey’s iconic chaps–THIS was Fischerspooner.



EMERGENCY GAY BAR SHOW at @clubripples photo by @mrdavelopez

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During his performance, Casey spoke to the audience

This is what we do. When the venue cancels a show, we have an emergency show at the gay club. This is our house. Gay bars are safe spaces and when we're having a bad day we always end up at the gay bar.

Still, tons of fans are calling out Fischerspooner without knowing what really happened to their show in Orange County. What they fail to see is that they stepped up. In fact, after the show at Ripples, Fischerspooner headed to West Hollywood to the iconic Bootsy Bellows for their Evita night hosted by the one and only Detox. They gave another performance and finished off their whirlwind of a night. A debaucherous night full of tequila and grinding, Fischerspooner made it happen for the fans, for their queer following, for the love of music and dancing and sweaty good times.






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