Frankie Grande’s Engaged?!

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Frankie Grande’s engaged?! Good for him!

Dancer and reality tv star Frankie Grande, who also happens to be the brother to one of the world’s biggest music stars, recently announced his engagement to Hale Leon.


“He said YES! We’re engaged!” he wrote on Instagram in the caption of photos showing Grande and Leon embracing. “I am so happy my best friend said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Playing games and making me laugh forever!”

And while Grande’s love and joy is story enough in our books, the way that he got engaged adds a special twist. Frankie Grande proposed to Hale Leon at the Los Angeles virtual reality adventure space called Dreamscape. According to Grande, who rose to fame after appearing in season 16 of the Big Brother reality competition show, he had planned the virtual proposal for months.


“Speaking of games… I proposed IN VIRTUAL REALITY!” Grande explained in the post. “HE FREAKED OUT! I can’t wait to post the video… but for now enjoy these beautiful photos….”

According to People, who took the couple’s photos with the help of photographer Todd Danforth, Grande worked with Dreamscape to create a custom ending to his and Leon’s VR experience. The words, “Will you marry me?” even appeared with virtual fireworks.


“It was such a perfect, beautiful moment,” Grande said. “Hale was completely surprised and we both started crying tears of joy. I have been working on proposing to him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for us both.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  1. OMG!!!! Too funny, lmao! Analiana must be pissed that her brother wears more makeup and looks more like a chick than she does.

    • Totally agree. If it wasn’t for his stupid sister, that mess would be saying, “would you like fries with that”? Lmfao 😂

      • Absolutely called that shit! You & Dieta are spot on. I was wondering why the fuck this was even considered “news” ::scratching my head::
        Giving it 6 months is way too generous.


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