Funny New Undies Ad Claims ‘no more pulling, squishing, tangling’

We've all been there.  Sometimes we're there constantly.  Pulling, poking, adjusting, stretching our junk.  No, not to draw attention to it or get off, but instead to be comfortable.  And when that adjustment has to happen in public, we either have no shame and just grab it or we try to be coy like these men and their boys are in this new underwear commercial from Tommy John entitled The Big Adjustment.




From its website:

Tommy John was born from the desire to fix men's undergarments.

Men's base layers have been stuck in the Dark Ages (and in dark places). Until now. Tommy John makes modern undergarments for the modern man. Innovative design and fabric technology mean no more pulling, squishing, tangling or bunching – no matter how a man moves.

And on youtube, Tommy John states:

It's time to end to all the picking, pulling, and yanking – for everyone's sake. A new era of comfort starts at

Has anyone tried this brand yet? Do they work as well as they say they do? The ad campaign has been out for about a month, but Tommy John seems to be ramping up its presence on television recently.

Or are y'all buying the underwear with the built in cock rings?

Will they take all the fun out of touching yourself in public and having a legit reason to do so?

If anything, thanks Tommy John for the cute commercial.

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