Furry Goodness, Sexy Smoothness, And Is Thick The New Ripped?


Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week from the land of Insta.

First up, Moe Bear (above) was all smiles for ‘Flex Friday’ and gave a shout-out to his ‘almost abs’ (we think he looks pretty dang great).

Photographer Leonardo Ursini makes a pretty convincing argument that ‘thick is the new ripped:’


LuffyPiece served up our favorite selfie this week:

Former Army Captain Roberto Portales kept his scuba class waiting:

Johnny Middlebrooks boasts some bountiful biceps in what he calls his ‘off season’ shape:

Bearded Frank served up serious beard goals from Black Sands Beach in Sausalito:


We think fur is fab, but Max Souza reminds how sexy smooth can be:

Actor/model Brock O’Hurn demonstrates the complications that arise for folks 6’7″ tall in an airplane restroom. He also mentions something about a size 15 shoe, so…

Kevin Davis got all romantical during a photo shoot with fitness guru David Cook. p.s. the duo scored a book cover deal from the shoot!

Bruno Baba asks his followers if they like him with abs or what he calls ‘chubby:’

Tom Daley and Matty Lee scored gold at the European Aquatics Championships in Budapest:

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