Gay Couple Goes To “Divorce Court” Over Rap Idols

Screenshot via YouTube @DivorceCourt

Breaking up because of female pop stars?

Now, we’ve seen a lot when it comes to reality tv. From rich wives arguing about everything and nothing to New Yorkers swarming partying in New Jersey while arguing about everything and nothing. That’s before even contemplating the craziness you can see on courtroom shows. And when it comes to the latter, a recent episode had some LGBTQ representation that made us wish we could go back to the happy rep we’re seeing in other spaces.

But specifically with that recent courtroom rep, the show Divorce Court gave us a story we never thought possible. A gay couple getting a divorce because they don’t agree on rap icons. Yes, the former couple of Don’te and D’Andrew Leaphart married two years ago after dating for two and a half years. But it seems that in all that time, the two have been bothered by each other’s taste in music.

While Don’te is a Cardi B fan, D’Andrew is more into Nicki Minaj. At frist, the two first agreed to disagree. But then, the difference in musical taste eventually created a rift in their relationship. According to Don’te, their “silly” feud brought out their relationship’s underlying issues. Things then got violent with a car window being broken. This brought the two to Divorce Court where Judge Lynn Toler expressed disbelief at the situation. As you can imagine, things got even messier from there. If you care to watch it, you can check out the scene play out below.

Source: Aazios

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