Gay Couple Weds At Florida Capitol After Previous Ban

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Love is love even in spaces that were once hostile toward it.

Florida is currently riding a wave of joy and bliss after celebrating the first gay marriage ceremony within the state Capitol building. This is a historic moment for the state. The reason being, gay marriage ceremonies were banned from being held within the Tallahassee building just a few years ago.

According to the South Florida Gay News, the couple at the center of this historical moment were 28-year-old Daniel Sohn and 31-year-old Kaitik Chan. The two met online and became a couple a year before their wedding. Chan then proposed to Sohn in October. Sohn, a Haverhill town councilman, noted how important the marriage is on the grand schemes of law and love in America.

“Up until five years ago this day, our day, would not have been possible and certainly not accepted where we are standing,” said Sohn, who identifies as bisexual and was the first out politician elected in Haverhill’s history. 

In fact, it was even more recent when LGBTQ activists and allies had to fight for gay people’s right to love and marry. According to WCTV, activists fought last year to have Florida’s law updated to reflect the overturning of the “Defense of Marriage Act” in 2014. Despite that legally recognized change, the language within Floridian law had yet to be updated.

“This discriminatory language in our statutes does not defend marriage. It does the exact opposite. The highest court in the state of Florida, the highest court in the land, has defined what marriage is and has undone the discrimination that remains in our statutes,” said Sponsor Senator Jose Rodriguez. “This is a simple fix. Let’s make sure our statutes don’t discriminate and conform to the constitution.”

With fights like the before-mentioned appeal in their minds, Sohn and Chan wed on February 12th with joy in their hearts. Florida House Representative Carlos G. Smith, who was the first LGBTQ Latinx legislator in Florida, officiated the proceedings. Sohn and Chan then exchanged vows and rings to confirm their marriage.

“The truth is other people were hoping that we would give up on each other and I’m so glad that we didn’t,” Chan said during the vows. “While you are not perfect, sometimes I get annoyed by your energy and hyperactivity, you are the most loving and grounded person on earth and not to mention very handsome.”

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Source: South Florida Gay News, WCTV, Tallahassee Democrat

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