Gay Man Allegedly Thrown Off A Bridge After Refusing Sexual Advances Of A Married Man.

A gay man was allegedly thrown off a bridge in Australia's Queensland for rejecting sexual advances of a married man.  He suffered a broken neck, back, ribs, a brain hemorrhage, burn marks on his body from hitting power lines during the fall, and such severe spinal cord damage he may never walk again.

New Zealander Joth Wilson was found by his husband Maioha Tokotaua under a train bridge in Gladstone, Queensland. Tokotaua told the investigators that he believed his partner was manhandled by a married man.

 “I found him after two hours, on the train tracks. He looked mangled,” said Wilson’s husband Tokotaua, who rushed him to a hospital in Brisbane. “There were these guys who had been harassing us for some time after one of them, who is married with children, made an advance that Joth rejected,” Tokotaua said.

“There's no money involved, no drugs, no debt, there's just no motive for the attack other than they were intimidated that we might tell their families,” he added. –


That was most of the report from the about the attack on New Year's Day.  Wilson has left to get cigarettes at 11:45 PM on New Year's Eve so he and his husband could smoke one more time before kicking the habit to the curb for the new year.

It seems the couple had issues prior to this attack on New Year's Eve. A posting on December 22nd to Maioha Tokotaua's Facebook Page, we see the following post:


These m****r f****r ******* aka "wanna be fake mobster c**t) and ***  **** let me tell you that if he dies today I will be the last face you ever see.. Gutless c***s aye *** creeping around homes at night Four of you c****s with golf clubs beat into my husband with full force just wait you m****r f*****s this shit has only just begun we help you and just cause we name and shame you for running off with our Xmas money we had for presents for our family you think that is reason to kill someone with bats and clubs f******g thieving, lieing pesent c****s he is three times smaller than all of you and ya pack of bitches beat him to the ground, he gets back up chase's you f****s done the road until his lungs give in and he collapses on the ground slowly during from the blood fulling his lungs so hey how about one on one ***** ya p***y c**t oh nar f**k that 20 stopping you're ugly in and don't worry cause that will be only the start of it c**t cause people be waiting for you on the inside m****r f****r..


From this FB post, It almost seems that Joth was beaten before Christmas as well as on NYE.   A name was thrown out at that time as someone who caused Joth physical harm on or before December 22nd and the same name was again mentioned after the attack on NYE. 

There seems to be a lot involved in this case, but we do find from Tokotaua's Facebook Page that Joth has went through at least one surgery after the NYE attack and is in improving spirits.

We wish the couple a speedy recover as well as justice in what ever form it needs to be delivered.




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