Gay Mart vs. Hetero Burger

Wilton Manors, Florida, the second gayest city in America, (2010 Census), seems to be accepting of everyone and their opinions. In one of the town's newest monthly publications, The Islander, a letter from a concerned citizen was published raising concern that the streets were running the risk of resembling " Times Square, circa 1982."


The author, identifying himself as a "future burger entrepreneur" writes of his dislike of the approved signage along Wilton Drive.  Naming businesses like "Gay Mart", "Rock Hard", and "Gaysha", the 45 year old opined that the youth of the community need not see such business titles as they commute to school.  Read the letter to the editor here, shared by South Florida Gay News.



Is his concern valid? Have businesses in Wilton Manors, and other gayboorhoods, been allowed to be a little too liberal with their signage? Or is this a case where we quote, "we're here, we're queer, get use to it?" asking him if he knows he is living in the second gayest city in America and it should be expected. 



My advice to the writer is, if you don't like it, fix it.  Become involved in the local politics and work to change the wrongs to rights. Or see if his Hetero Burger Business would get approval. 

Wilton Drive is not the gay explosion found in Provincetown during Carnival, but it is a more residential area than the tip of Cape Cod.  Then again, he should be thankful the Key West restaurant, Better than Sex, has not come to town.

What do you think?