Gay Men Recorded As They Find Out They’re Having Kids

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British reality television has another endearing moment of gay love and life that’ll touch your heart.

Despite only just getting over the Flirty Dancing vid of a gay couple dancing for the first time, we’re now being hit with the video below. The video is originally from BBC’s four-part documentary The Baby Has Landed. The show follows the lives of several couples as they go through the motions of expecting a baby (or two) and adjusting to life after the delivery.

For husbands Paul and Craig, the series follows them for the full nine months of pregnancy. And it starts with them trying to have a child through surrogacy. While on camera, the couple receive a call from their friend and surrogate Mel. The group shares a few words before Mel reveals that she’s taken a pregnancy test.

Screenshot via Twitter @BBC2

“Yes I’ve weed on the stick, and I put it straight in this envelope,” she tells the couple over FaceTime.

Craig then asks in return, “Oh my God so you haven’t even looked at it?”

“No, and its killing me, it’s been sat in the bathroom and oh my God,” she explains before pushing the test against her screen. We kid you not when we say the two men show an array of emotions after seeing the positive sign.

Check out the happy moment for yourselves by watching the video, which has received more than 1.2 million views on Facebook and 1.2K views on Twitter, below.

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