Gay Teens, Fatherly Love, And Coffee To Boot?

Screenshot via YouTube

A short coffee ad supporting gay teens? We, and gay Twitter, love it!

Netherlands-based instant coffee brand Douwe Egberts is the coffee of the hour after it released a 30-second ad with a pro-LGBTQ theme. The video first shows two teens making out at home and one of them is covered by a hoodie. When a father comes home, the teens quickly rush upstairs. Unfortunately for them, it’s not before the father gets a glimpse of the two.

Wishing to extend an olive branch, the father then sends a few coffee emojis to his kid. It’s then revealed that not only are the teens a same-sex couple, but the father is completely supportive of them. Again, we love it.

And we weren’t the only ones to like seeing the ad. The moment is short and sweet, but it’s just enough to get Twitter users in tears.

“Now this is how you sell me coffee and I don’t even drink coffee,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I want to have this coffee now just because this ad embraced my soul so warmly!” wrote another.

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