Get a Load of All the Full-Frontal in ‘Minx’

If you’re a lover of the male anatomy, rejoice, because HBO Max’s new show Minx has a whole lot of ham candles on which to feast your eyes.


The series follows an overly ambitious feminist editor, Joyce Prigger, played by Ophelia Lovibond in the 1970s as she embarks on the quest to create the feminist magazine of her dreams. When she finds that her vision is not appreciated by publishers, she teams up with a pornographer from the San Fernando Valley, who persuades her to create the first ever erotic magazine for women. The magazine, titled Minx, becomes Joyce’s manifestation of female empowerment through the celebration of sex positivity–and it is full of penis penis penis. The series is a fictitious narrative that takes inspiration from women’s erotic magazines such as Viva and Playgirl.

Lucky for viewers, Joyce and her team at Minx take on the challenge to find the perfect dick for their inaugural centerfold edition. If you still haven’t seen the first episode, 20 minutes in, you’re in for a treat with a montage of wieners of all shapes, sizes, colors, bushes, and abilities. Among the throbbing hopefuls, Minx finds its first centerfold in Shane, played by Taylor Zahkar Perez, a firefighter with a tremendously large…desire to share his gifts with the world.

Network television and basic cable is still heavily censored with regulated visuals and language that urges viewers to use their imagination. But premium cable and streaming devices have proven to continue pushing the envelope in the depiction of nudity. Breasts and ass have been a staple for decades, but full-frontal nudity has been a rare occurrence until recent years thanks to the advent of the new golden age of television. 


With shows like Looking, The White Lotus, Game of Thrones, Shameless, Boardwalk Empire, Insecure, Sense8, Sex Education, Euphoria, Scenes From a Marriage, Sex/Life, Succession, Easy, The Affair, Pam & Tommy, just to name a few, there has been a renaissance of sex and full-frontal depiction that continues to captivate viewers with a more titillating form of storytelling.

Minx is no exception as it continues to explore the human form by putting the sausage front and center. The verdict is still out as to whether the actors are working with prosthetics or the real deal. 


Check out the NSFW shots and here -you be the judge.

Minx also stars Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, Michael Angarano, and Oscar Montoya.

The ten-episode season premiered Thursday, March 17 with two new episodes releasing each week through April 14.

2 thoughts on “Get a Load of All the Full-Frontal in ‘Minx’”

  1. That shower scene cropped above is the real deal, no prosthetics. That said, want to see a Jake Johnson frontal even though it’s highly unlikely, but one can only hope!

  2. The show’s production crew have already said in online interviews that only Shane’s character is wearing a prosthetic, all the other actors are the real deal. No complaints from me!


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