Ginuwine Denies Kiss From Transgender Woman!

Ginuwine Denies Kiss From Transgender Woman!

Does This Make Him Transphobic?

UGH! The eye rolling I’m doing recounting this story to you all! I’m extremely excited for the US version of Celebrity Big Brother to air, because I’m frankly getting a little worn spotting my LGBTQ brothers and sisters in the media making themselves look like stunt queens or victimizing themselves. I’ve been loosely following the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, since it features RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up, Courtney Act, who – despite Drag Race fandom – will not be crowned the winner. Seriously, if she does, I’ll eat a worm on video. #NotPlaying. I had to endure a media frenzy of a shameless act from…Act and now have came across media reports of another LGBTQ contestant on the show who is making me fake smile with no teeth.

Let’s dive in: Singer, Ginuwine, who you may know as the man who song Pony…yes, the like, theme song to Magic Mike and every stripper’s anthem, is being accused of being transphobic for refusing to kiss Transgender India Willoughby. Ginuwine and Willoughby are locked up in the Big Brother UK house together and have to endure the public to see who stays and who goes. As you should already know, Big Brother allows you to watch the houseguests 24/7 on live cameras…Big Brother is always watching…you get it, right? Well, that means that each conversation is going to be recorded. With a good cast, the conversations can be endless…and entertaining.

In a simple conversation between Willoughby and Ginuwine, he tells her that some men will date her because she is Transgender, but he simply wouldn’t. He was not rude nor problematic, he was just making a statement. Willoughby gets a little testy from his rejection, telling him he has a narrow viewpoint. She seemingly tries to kiss him, putting her arms around him. He rejects her. THEN, Willoughby decides to storm off claiming transphobia. Another contestant, Malika Haqq, makes a statement taking Ginuwine’s side. She believes that if someone doesn’t want to kiss her because she’s African American, “Who fu—-ing cares!”

The scene is incredibly unhinged from Willoughby’s part. She clearly has issues that she needs to take care of. There are plenty of guys who I want to kiss – some perhaps even heterosexual – but I’m not going to get down on myself because we like different things. It’s safe to say that Willoughby needs to get her behind out of the house, because, girl – you are representing a community whether you’d like to or not.

Twitter is having mixed reactions to Ginuwine’s diss on Willoughby. Check out a few responses below:



Do you believe Ginuwine is transphobic for refusing to kiss Willoughby? Or, are we all entitled to having our preferences in the ones who want to be intimate with?

Don’t forget to check out the awkward interaction below:

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