Gossip Guru Rob Shuter Debuts New Self-Help Book: ‘The 4 Word Answer’

I typically avoid cliches in my writing. However, as I realize that I’m now in my second year of being Friday co-host on the Naughty But Nice Podcast with celebrated Hollywood gossip journalist Rob Shuter, I must say time really does fly when you’re having fun. I have a blast working with Rob, not only because he’s been a great industry mentor but also because he’s simply the best at what he does—delivering a signature style of wit and juicy celebrity reporting but without the bitchiness and vitriol that often plagues the landscape of pop culture journalism.


With his debut book “The 4 Word Answer,” coming this Fall, Shuter expands his brand even further, establishing that behind the wit, and the charming accent, there is a critical thinker with really terrific perspectives on how we can become more spiritually fulfilled as people once we learn to become happier with ourselves. 

As one of America’s most recognized pop culture columnists, the UK-born Shuter has a storied career in entertainment and media. He’s called “America’s Number ONE Gossip Columnist” by The National Enquirer. He’s known for breaking celebrity news every day on his website NaughtyGossip.com, frequent appearances on Good Day New York, the Today Show, The Talk, The Wendy Williams Show, CNN, Extra, and the Elvis Duran Show on Z100.


Notably, Rob’s career also includes past work as a publicist for some of the world’s biggest stars. Among that list are Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, and Jon Bon Jovi, to name a few. You would think that someone running in such high-profile circles might be full of themselves or pretentious. Rob is neither of those things, and in fact, quite the opposite of both.

About two months ago, Rob shared with me the exciting news that Simon & Schuster publishing imprint Post Hill had offered him a book deal. Naturally, I assumed it would be about his life— growing up in the UK, going off to college, and becoming a celebrity journalist. Then, clawing his way to the top of the PR food chain where he expertly helped the likes of Jennifer Lopez navigate through her breakup with Ben Affleck and ushered Jessica Simpson through her divorce from Nick Lachey.  

But, no. Those stories will perhaps make it into his next literary foray. For this one“The 4 Word Answer,” Rob offers up something entirely different, sharing keen, personal insight on the power of positive thinking and self-awareness as essential tools to live a more content life. 

For listeners across the country who subscribe and stream the Naughty But Nice podcast, “The 4 Word Answer,” will feel familiar as it’s an extension of a segment at the end of each show called, “A moment of Rob.” Such an intentionally campy title would suggest perhaps a silly anecdote were to follow. On the contrary, within a few seconds of “A moment of Rob,” Shuter drops pearls of wisdom that make you stop, think and answer questions about your life, past and present, while encouraging the self-reflection that can help shape your desired future.


In “The 4 Word Answer,” Rob advises, if you are not living the life you want to live—the answer is just four words away. But what four words? And how could just four words define who we are?

Well, the question emerged through his years of experience, being not just a publicist to major stars but also, their confidant. This privilege allowed him first-hand insight into how the most successful people think and assess themselves. 


I recall one day during one of our show tapings, Rob commended my talent as I shared by future dreams working in media. However, he offered one caveat that speaks to the importance of clarity when we envision what we want:

Corey, I’ve learned so much working with J-Lo, Diddy, and scores of big names, and what I discovered was that “talent” is not the only key to their success, but rather what they all have in common, is they all know who they are, and can describe exactly who they are in just four words.”

He then gave me the assignment of pondering what were my own four words if I had to describe myself accordingly. Initially, identifying just four words seemed overly simplistic, but it is more complex if you are being honest. What I found was the four words only represented the “what,” but the real personal reflection began when I analyzed the “why?” Why do I feel those four words best describe me? 

Rob’s question made me think about my life’s stories and experiences, good and bad, how I have navigated through them and choices I made. It triggered further exploration that, on the one hand, reinforced the importance of becoming comfortable in my skin and embracing the past, while profoundly asking myself, had I let the negativity of others, and even my own self-doubt sabotage past opportunities? And if so, how will I avoid that going forward as I embark upon the successful future I want?


Despite all the scathingly delicious fun Rob and I have co-hosting Naughty But Nice and spilling all the latest celebrity tea, I always look forward to “A Moment of Rob” at the end of each show. These brilliant nuggets of inspiration remain and stick with listeners. They definitely stick with me. And what’s so exciting about Rob’s new book, is that now, people around the world can read a collection of his insightful and aspirational words— all in one place.

I invite you all to read “The 4 Word Answer” and get inspired as I so often do by the whimsical wisdom of Rob “Naughty But Nice” Shuter.

“The 4 Word Answer” is scheduled for publication on September 21st, 2021. Available now for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

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