Has Gay Big Brother Contestant JC Mounduix Gone Too Far?

It seems that Big Brother Season 20 contestant JC Mounduix is in some hot water for inappropriately touching his housemates Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, and Kaitlyn Herman. He’s even gone as far as using an ice cream scooper on their nether regions reports US Weekly. The incidents were caught on the reality show’s online live feed.

In the video, Mounduix can be heard saying, “Open your vagina. It feels good,” to which his housemate responds “No.” He even tries going under blankets to reach them. Mounduix, who is openly gay, also approached Crispen while he was getting a massage and cupped his genitals saying “This is my kind of party. I wanna help!”

No accusations of misconduct have been made by any of the contestants, but viewers who caught the acts online were outraged at Mounduix’s behavior and want him out of the house. If you watch the video, the housemates don’t seem bothered by his behavior, but could this possible escalate to something more if it goes unnoticed?

What do you think? Has he gone too far?

No word as to how CBS may handle the public opinion.

Check out JC’s intro interview from Entertainment Tonight:


h/t: US Weekly

4 thoughts on “Has Gay Big Brother Contestant JC Mounduix Gone Too Far?”

  1. Big Brother still running? In

    Big Brother still running? In my country it would never work because these types of reality shows are simply boring; no physicality, no action, no emotion, nothing but bored people doing nothing.

  2. You know, I thought it was

    You know, I thought it was probably blown out of proportion as media can do (especially reality shows) I liked the dude however after watching the video clip, its totally not appropriate. He crossed some boundaries for sure- Im definitely not a fan (my husband is) but end up watching this show almost every season, there are numerous sketchy things I just think the topic lately has gotten more sensitive and the network is being super cautious with their own responses..

    • Is JC Mounduix a Trump

      Is JC Mounduix a Trump supporter? I do think his actions crossed the line and were inappropriate.


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