HBO Max Drops a First Look at Robin’s Potential Boyfie in ‘Titans’ S4

HBO Max recently dropped a first look at new Robin’s (Jay Lycurgo) potential boyfriend, who is played by James Scully.

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As per TV Insider, Scully will play the role of Bernard who is described as:


“the Director of Special Projects at S.T.A.R. Labs. Working as a high-level scientist, he has to deal with big personalities, yet his passion and uncanny book-smarts always gain the admiration from others.”

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Tim Drake, also known as Robin, is played by Jay Lycurgo, who is considered as the third Robin in the DC Universe. Earlier in 2021, DC Comics revealed that the third Robin is bisexual, and Bernard is his boyfriend in the ongoing comic book series “Tim Drake: Robin.”

According to ‘Titans’ showrunner Greg Walker, 


“Bernard (Scully) will work side-by-side with the Titans as they battle the dark forces of Metropolis. [Eventually] growing closer to Tim (Lycurgo) and putting himself in danger along the way.”

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Tim and Bernard’s potential relationship would mark the show’s first time to include a non-heterosexual couple, which is why it is considered a big step for the DC series. ‘Titans’ Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max on November 3. 

In the meantime, here’s the official trailer to keep you anticipating for it:



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  1. I remember reading James gay awakening was Brad Pitts butt lol. Just looked him up and found out he was in a movie I wanted to see but totally forgot about called Straight Up.


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